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Első szerző:Badawi, Mohamed
Cím:Mapping Structurally Controlled Alterations Sparked by Hydrothermal Activity in the Fatira-Abu Zawal Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt / Mohamed Badawi, Mahmoud Abdelatif, Ali Shebl, Farid Makroum, Ahmed Shalaby, Norbert Németh
Megjegyzések:The Eastern Desert of Egypt suffered a protracted period of deformation triggered by cratonization of the new juvenile crust known as the Arabian Nubian Shield (ANS), which has been proposed for potential gold discoveries associated with the corresponding tectonic event. The Fatira area, on the border of Egypt's Northern and Central Eastern Deserts, is covered with metavolcanic rocks twisted by a dextral relocation of the Fatira Shear Zone (FSZ) relative to the Barud magmatic body. The recent study evaluated many deformed post-orogenic granitic intrusions and felsite dikes associated with promising mineralization localities, notably orogenic gold deposits. The combination of various field observations and remote sensing data, followed by the analysis of aeromagnetic enhanced maps, allowed the differentiation of distinct lithologies, structural features, and hydrothermal alterations in the study area. Additionally, the integrated results obtained from the different interpretation techniques are utilized to identify and confirm the previously supposed mineralized localities in the Fatira and Abu Zawal areas and predict other matched localities. The final ASTER, Sentinel 2 hydrothermal alteration, and orientation entropy heat maps demonstrate the association between these mineralized regions and major structures related to the FSZ late stage of deformation rather than other structures studied throughout the area of interest.
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island arc association
Pan-African Orogeny
Megjelenés:Acta Geologica Sinica-English Edition. - 97 : 2 (2023), p. 662-680. -
További szerzők:Abdelatif, Mahmoud Shebl, Aly (1992-) (geológus) Makroum, Farid Shalaby, Tarek Németh Norbert
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